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This partnership provides for exclusive learning experiences which you can tailor to your business needs. The SQF series of courses provides a pathway to GFSI certification and safety food production within your manufacturing of production company. Self-paced learning allows all learners to maximize the information they take in, while still reducing costs associated with training. With this series of courses, you can build a culture of food safety in your organization and promote best practices at all stages of SQF certification.

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Implementing the SQF Fundamentals Code for Manufacturing – Course

This 4-hour interactive course helps small and medium-sized producers lay the groundwork for GFSI certification. This course outlines solutions for suppliers who are in the process of creating a robust food safety management program or wish to advance their current program. Implementing the SQF Fundamentals Code for Manufacturing course delineates a streamlined path to certification and provides a cost-effective audit process that is ideal for smaller businesses.

Implementing SQF Systems for Manufacturing – Course

Complementing HACCP training, this flexible learning course adheres to new Edition 8.1 changes and takes an in-depth look at six content areas that mirror the SQF Food Safety Code. By using interactive activities and knowledge checks, this course offers real-world application of HACCP principles. The concepts learned in this course help develop and implement your SQF system, improve your SQF audit, and prepare to control risks to your food safety system. Implementing SQF Systems Course: Manufacturing—Edition 8 outlines industry best practices and helps you adequately prepare for SQF certification.

SQF Edition 9 Conversion Primer

Zosi and SQFI have teamed to present this in-depth dissection of changes within the SQF Edition 9 Code. Our conversion primer is suitable for all program-certified professionals. Registrants also gain access to implementation resources that help ease the transition, turning knowledge of SQF System maintenance into expertise.

SQF Quality Systems for Manufacturing – Course

The SQF Quality Code was developed to help food safety professionals distinguish between safety and quality. This course adds on to the former Level 3 from SQF Code Edition 7.2 by outlining process variation and demonstrating how to use data to understand your system. Additionally, this course includes a digital workbook containing practical activities that help you apply concepts covered in the course.

Test your knowledge with SQFI’s official exams

Alchemy Academy - Implementing SQF Systems Exam: Manufacturing
Implementing SQF Systems Exam: Manufacturing
Alchemy Academy - SQF Quality Systems Exam
SQF Quality Systems Exam
Implementing SQF Fundamentals Exam: Intermediate
Implementing SQF Fundamentals Exam: Intermediate

As a manager, I just don’t have the time to sit in a classroom for nine hours. Alchemy Academy’s courses made it easy for me to stop and start my training at my own convenience. The best part is that when I finished, I was certified and ready for the auditor.

Tony Salazar
Training Manager

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