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What is a PCQI?

A PCQI is a Preventive Controls Qualified Individual. PCQIs are employees within a facility that create and implement the Food Safety Plan. Once the Food Safety Plan is in place, the PCQI must also validate the plan and fully document its effectiveness. With thorough training and active modeling of best practices, PCQIs act as facilitators and leaders in a positive food safety culture within your facility.

Why does a facility need a PCQI and FSPCA-approved training?

If your facility is in the United States or produces food for the United States, the FSMA Final Rule for Human Food applies to you. This rule requires every U.S. facility to have a Preventive Controls Qualified Individual, or PCQI. PCQIs must undergo FSPCA-approved training, including 16 modules of standardized curriculum. The Zosi curriculum comprises not only the required material, but also a virtual instructor-led session to provide further clarification on Preventive Controls for Human Food requirements. This training helps you understand and address possible concerns that might come up in your facility and reduce the risk of costly recalls.

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How does Zosi help?

Zosi offers a fully online course to fulfill FSMA requirements and give you PCQI certification. Our FSPCA PCQI training offers a blend of self-paced learning and virtual instruction to ensure a deeper comprehension of FSPCA-required topics and gain valuable insight from instructors with decades of experience. Our team of Consultants built this course to help those seeking PCQI certification and needing to fulfill FSMA training expectations without leaving their facility. The online learning environment gives you the opportunity to learn at your own pace, stopping and restarting as needed.

More Information

PCQI training is a beneficial addition to any facility to verify that all Food Safety Plans are sufficient for FSMA requirements. In September 2015, the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Final Rule for Preventive Controls for Human Food was enacted with the intention of protecting consumers by addressing risks throughout facilities. The FSMA Final Rule redirected the focus from reactive to proactive, giving facilities the opportunity to identify where possible incidents might occur and take steps to prevent them. This Final Rule requires that each facility have a Preventive Controls Qualified Individual to create the Food Safety Plan.

Food Safety Plans

While a company might own several facilities, the Food Safety Plans might vary vastly. Even facilities that produce similar products might have different layouts, equipment, and most certainly have different employees. For a Food Safety Plan to be sufficient, it must address all the areas where there might be risk, so they can’t be replicated from one facility to the next. Preventive Controls Qualified Individuals, through FSPCA training or ample experience, develop and help implement intensive Food Safety Plans that are in alignment with the new FSMA regulations.

PCQI Qualifications

One of the most vital pieces to FSPCA PCQI training is on proper documentation throughout the process, beginning with the Food Safety Plan and going through to records review. FSPCA training begins with 16 modules, explaining the expectations of Preventive Controls for Human Food. The qualification process beyond the FSPCA training isn’t as finite as other roles within production. The FSMA Final Rule calls for someone who not only completes PCQI training but also demonstrates competence. To fully understand the concepts covered in the FSPCA training, it is best to start with HACCP training. These two curricula are not interchangeable, but complementary. Beginning with HACCP training allows individuals to gain a firm grasp of the components of successful Food Safety Plans. FSPCA-approved PCQI training builds on this and refines expectations of the FSMA Final Rule for Preventive Controls of Human Food. Many facilities have been challenged to provide adequate training to ensure they meet these requirements.

The Online Solution

Added costs and time associated with travel were impositions on many companies, particularly smaller facilities. With PCQI training online, these expenses are effectively eliminated. Through self-paced learning, FSPCA expectations are met and learners’ progress can be tracked even more easily. Zosi’s Preventive Controls for Human Food—blended eLearning has assessments and interactions interspersed throughout the modules. Interactions help ensure comprehension of the concepts covered and act as examples for practical application. By allowing learners to return to the online PCQI training after completing it, they are able to revisit material to fully understand the expectations. Additional review encourages a more thorough Food Safety Plan that is fully aligned with FSMA guidelines. To fortify the programs you have in place, train additional PCQIs if resources permit. Having additional guidance from individuals in multiple steps throughout your Food Safety Plan helps ensure that the plan is being effectively and efficiently  employed.

How Alchemy Academy Stands Apart

Zosi’s online learning solution expands on FSPCA training through the online learning, then continues one step further with the virtual session with industry leaders. Our Consultants offer unique insight in this interactive 8-hour online session, so learners have the opportunity to take a closer look at a Food Safety Plan. By blending these two learning methods, Zosi brings FSPCA PCQI training to you.

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