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OSHA Foundations

Reinforce your understanding of health and safety management best practices for the food industry with Zosi’s OSHA Foundations Online training. Developed and taught by Intertek Alchemy’s occupational health and safety experts with experience across the supply chain, this online OSHA training course focuses on real-world application of key concepts for food industry professionals and [...]

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Protek for Hospitality / Retail / Food Service

You are on the front lines of keeping every aspect of your workplace safe and secure for your customers and coworkers. Intertek Protek™ is the only certification that shows the public you are certified to keep them safe. Developed by Intertek Alchemy, the global leader in frontline worker training, the Protek People Assurance Certification [...]

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Bloodborne Pathogens – Manufacturing

Bloodborne pathogens are harmful microorganisms that exist in human blood and can be spread through contact with contaminated blood and body fluids. This course covers some of the common ways people can experience bloodborne pathogen exposure, as well as how to help prevent bloodborne pathogen exposure by following Universal Precautions. It also discusses the [...]

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Ergonomics – General Manufacturing

Industrial ergonomics is the practice of designing tasks and workspaces to coordinate most efficiently with the way our bodies are designed. This course discusses the relationship between ergonomics and musculoskeletal disorders, identifies the types of activities that can contribute to problems, and how to help reduce body strain when working. Learning Objectives Understand the [...]

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Hearing Protection – Manufacturing

The level of noise from machinery and equipment can be very high in a manufacturing or processing environment. Long-term exposure to these high noise levels can cause significant hearing loss. This course emphasizes the importance of hearing protection. It covers the different types of hearing protection available in most workplaces and discusses some general [...]

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Lift Truck Safety Awareness – Manufacturing

Lift trucks are powerful machines that are often used in the workplace to transport and lift heavy materials. This forklift training course covers some of the common characteristics of forklifts and identifies who can operate a forklift. It also talks about the precautions to take when working near a lift truck. Learning Objectives Identify [...]

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Emergency Preparedness – Manufacturing

Natural or man-made emergencies can happen at any time. To help prepare for the unexpected, emergency action plans are developed to facilitate and organize employer and employee actions during a workplace emergency. This course covers the basic elements of an emergency action plan, explains a basic evacuation procedure, and discusses how to shelter-in-place during [...]

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Machine Guarding

Machine guards prevent injuries by stopping workers from contacting dangerous moving parts of equipment. This course introduces some of the most common types of machine guards and machine safety devices. It also covers the employee’s responsibilities when working with machines, and discusses how to help keep hands safe at work. Learning Objectives Understand the [...]

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – Manufacturing

Personal protective equipment, or PPE, is designed to protect you from serious injury or illness from a variety of hazards. This course surveys some common types of PPE and the dangers they protect from and shows examples of the types of items that are NOT considered PPE. Learning Objectives Identify PPE that can protect [...]

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Slips, Trips, and Falls

Slips and trips can result from a variety of situations including the condition of the surface, misplaced items where people walk, or even personal distractions. This course explains how slips and trips can occur inside or outside a facility and looks at some things that can be done to prevent these accidents from occurring. [...]

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Lockout/Tagout Procedures – Manufacturing

Anytime equipment is maintained, a lockout/tagout procedure must be followed to prevent the equipment from being used and releasing dangerous energy. This course covers the importance of lockout/tagout, and how following procedures can help prevent injuries and work-related deaths. It also covers some of the hazardous energy sources in a facility. Learning Objectives Recognize [...]

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Respirators: Introduction – General

A hazardous atmosphere is an atmosphere that lacks sufficient oxygen, contains toxic air, or is otherwise hazardous to human health. This course discusses the dangers of a hazardous atmosphere and identifies two common types of respirators that are worn in a hazardous atmosphere. It also identifies the types of additional training that are required [...]

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